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crossfit coquitlam

Lainey Beattie

Lainey has a life long passion for health and fitness. She has completed Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, CrossFit competitions, multiple marathons and triathlons. She has her CrossFit level 2 certificate as well as her Personal Training certification from ACE. She is committed to expanding her knowledge to keep up to date in the industry and […]

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Ninja warrior Coquitlam

Michael Chow

Michael has always been highly involved in sports. He is a competitive individual that regularly aims to make himself, as well as others, better. Movement has forever been a part of his life: growing up he played soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, snowboarded and in the later years found a passion for parkour and obstacle course […]

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ninja warrior langley

Allison Tai

Allison Tai, sometimes known as Yo Mama So Fit, is a top level OCR athlete who pretty much races every distance and event she can sign up for. She’s particularly fond of ultra distance events and the long day of adventure they bring; in fact, in 2016 and 2017, Allison won both the Sun Peaks and […]

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ninja warrior Langley

Brandon Beauchesne-Hebert

My name is Brandon, ninja enthusiast and fellow explorer of the world. I have been jumping, playing and creating my whole life and wish to continue this childhood endeavor throughout adulthood. I have been an instructor and practitioner of Parkour and Gymnastics traveling to United States, Europe and parts and Canada in hopes to learn […]

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tough mudder whistler

Kirsten Hijdra, Manager

She is also NCCP certified in trampoline, swimming, and sprint kayaking. She is a Personal Trainer, a Pilates Instructor, an OCR athlete, a mother of four, and has over 20 years of coaching experience and personal training behind her. She is a retired National athlete and marathon runner who fell in love with OCR and […]

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