UNAA Competition


The Canada West Qualifier will be held at Vancity OCR in Port Coquitlam, BC on March 24th. Registration is now open on Vancity OCR’s MindBody platform. The adult event cost is $35 and kids are $25.

The top three athletes in each class will receive a UNAA dog tag medal. Each athlete that qualifies 50% or better in each class will also receive a UNAA certificate.

Classes & Stage 1 times are as follows:

Age 7-9 (8-10am)
Age 10-13 (10-11am)
Age 14-17 (11am-12pm)
Amateur Women & Men (12-1pm)
Pro Women & Men, Over 40 (1-2pm)

Stage 2 will take place from 3-8pm. Top athletes from each division will compete here for their chance to go to the UNAA Finals (as this competition nows serves as both a regional and national qualifier) in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 19-21 2018.

The 2018 Ultimate Ninja Athlete Finals are TBD at this time.

UNAA Rules for the 2018-2019 Season

Participant Information

All participating athletes must join the UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association) Membership Fee is $25.00 (US Dollars) seasonally . Registration available online at www.ultimateninja.net and is good for one season. Each season concludes after UNAA Finals. All athletes who are not UNAA registered should not be allowed to compete in UNAA competitions, and will forfeit any placement.

Competition format

The UNAA uses a point system for scoring. Each obstacle is worth 1 point, should an athlete fail an obstacle they will continue their run until they finish or fail the final obstacle, at which point the clock stops. Score is then determined by points gained, and time of full run. Points are the highest priority when determining final score with time being second priority. (EX: athlete completes 12 of 13 obstacles they have 12 points)

Competitors have ONE reattempt to use on the obstacle of their choosing. The reattempt cannot be used on an obstacle that has already been passed.

Times will be calculated to the hundredth of a second. (Ex: 01.45.26) If the obstacle needs to be reset post-failure. Reset the obstacle, once reset, the Head Judge will give the athlete the go ahead to begin their next attempt. Time to reset will count against an athlete.

Courses MUST be reset for each run. In the event of a course malfunction or reset failure on the course the following procedure is to be completed. The head judge will pause the run, reset the obstacle, resume the clock/run, and finish the course.

Adult Qualifying Rules: Areas

Top 50% of each class will advance to Regionals. Top female in the 10-13 advances regardless of placement.

Adult Qualifying Rules: Regionals

Top 3 athletes from each class will advance from Regionals. Top female in the 10-13 advances regardless of placement. Please note: If class participation is greater than 50 qualify top 10%

Gyms at their discretion may set their own maximum time for the entire course.

Participants must sign up online for the $25 (US Dollars) UNAA membership. They may also sign up at the event as long as the Area Qualifying gym has internet access. http://www.ultimateninja.net/joinunaa

Participants may go to as many Area Qualifiers as they choose, as well as attending any Regional they wish. Once qualified, you may still compete, but your time will not bump another participant.

All participating athletes must bring their receipts to the competition to verify membership to the UNAA. The UNAA membership list will be updated online each week.

Participating Athletes (All Classes) 

Participants must be UNAA members prior to there Area Qualifier, or their results are void.

Classes: Age group is determined by age on November 1, 2018. Athletes are allowed to move up a class by one year if they so choose. (Example a 9 year old could compete 10-13 if they so choose)

Once an athlete competes in a Season 3 2018-19 Qualifier under these rules, they will remain in that class for the duration of the season.

Any Adult (18 or older) may compete in Pro Class or Amateur class, but MUST compete in PRO if athlete in the last THREE years has been to Las Vegas on ANW, been in the Top 10 at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Finals, WolfPack Ninja Tour Finals or Qualified Top 3 in a UNAA Regional. If you meet any ONE of these requirements you are considered PRO.

If any qualified PRO athlete violates these rules and is “competing down” into the Amateur classes, they will be disqualified from the competition and required to forfeit all earnings.

General Course Rules:

Courses must contain at least 3 upper body, 3 lower body obstacles and one balance obstacle.

Both Regionals and Areas qualifiers will be ONE course compiled of 7-15 obstacles.

COURSE DESIGNERS are not allowed to compete in their own competitions. Courses are not to be revealed until the day of competition. Only 7-9 and 10-13 get separate courses.

Max times can be set. This will be determined at the beginning of the competition.

Inadvertent collisions with safety material or other obstructions within the course can be forgiven, however this decision remains with the Head Judge

Supporting Structure of obstacles may not be used at any time. This is defined by the Head Judge. Some examples of support structure are, chains supporting grips, material holding obstacle together, Eye-bolts holding grips to chains, or anything else that would be considered NOT part of an obstacle.

“Topping” is not allowed. Topping is using the flat surface above a grip in order to bypass the intended use of the grip. Some grips are exceptions to this rule (cannonball). This is determined by the Head Judge.

Performance Enhancement Items

The UNAA allows general climbing chalk and general athletic tape to assist competitors. Gloves  and sticky finger products are NOT allowed. Competitors will be allowed to wear chalk bags on the course. However each chalk bag will be considered part of your persons.


Obstacles listed on Page 1 under Ninja Gym rules are considered “standard obstacles”. UNAA Gyms are allowed to format their course in any order that they wish. Use of not listed, also known as “non-standard” obstacles, are permitted in competition. Non-standard obstacles should be deemed fair and safe to all athletes, by the Gym in charge of the competition.


Athletes must make a true attempt on Every obstacle. A true attempt is defined as “making a notable effort to complete an obstacle.” A 30 second penalty will be added to the athletes time for every obstacle “not attempted” PLEASE NOTE this time is added to their total time should they hit it. (Example athlete skips 2 obstacles without making a true attempt and hits max time of 4 mins. Final time is 5:00:00). This rule is to ensure good sportsmanlike conduct in our sport. Final decision resides with the Head Judge.

For an in depth description of all the rules please see the UNAA guidebook.

The UNAA reserves the right to change these rules at any time in order to keep the sport safe and fair. Email questions to official.unaa@gmail.com